Healthcare Association of New Your State

  • Participating in ongoing improvement of design and content aspects of all HANYS’ websites.
  • Assisting with UX and UI designs creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes for websites.
  • Front-End website development using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and ColdFusion on the back-end.
  • Conducting user research, evaluating feedback and applying results to websites/pages based on analytic data.
  • Creating email templates and designs using email management applications.
  • Established and promoted design and development guidelines, best practices, and standards.
  • Creating animations to support video production.
  • Designed several logos such as HANYS, Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State, HANYS Printing Services and more.
  • Designing web and print materials such as brochures, postcards, posters, flyers.
  • Assisting with photo shooting and editing.


Want Ad Digest Magazine

  • Creating graphics and ads for the magazine and editing photos.
  • Developing a new interface for the company’s website using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and Javascript.
  • Managing web ads with Google Double Click.


The Legislative Gazette

  • Designed the new website for The Legislative Gazette.
  • Updating and maintaining the newspaper’s website.
  • Search engine optimization and security.
  • Photo editing and creating graphics.
  • Managing web ads using Google Ad Sense.
  • Layout designing for the newspaper and special sections, creating print and web ads, flyers, posters, editing photos etc.
  • Maintained and updated the Website with recent publications.


Smart Advertising

  • Designed graphics for Websites and animations and storyboard sketching.
  • Created the logo and branded the promotions products of the “Albanian International Expo Transport” workshop.


Drone Graphics

  • Developed interior design project for a pharmacy.
  • Designed User Experience Interface and Information Architecture for Website development cycles.
  • Experienced in creating designs for medical products including Lek, KRKA, PharmaSwiss, Novartis.
  • Produced package design and environmental graphics.


Korrieri Newspaper

  • Prepared supplemental pages attached to daily editions.
  • Sketched various caricatures and Fumetti scenes based on Albanian political satire.
  • Contributed to and oversaw the newspaper’s redesign.
  • Improved sales by using focus groups for the marketing and research of products.
  • Produced graphic designs and web page layouts and utilized database integration.



  • Designed departmental newsletter that had a circulation.
  • Supervised digital printing and managed marketing with clients.
  • Branded the top adoption-related websites with associated logos, collateral, trade show displays, print ads, packaging designs, and promotional pieces.


DDB Albania

  • Performed various jobs in agency and printing process.
  • Communicated with clients to complete editing process and delivered the finished product.
  • Gained valuable experience in graphic design.